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Property owners and landlords

Here you will find some links to property owners and landlords with apartments in Borås. For more information, see the respective website.


Municipal housing company


Tax Office




Health clinics

Swedish clinics are mainly staffed by general practitioners and nurses. Even if you need to see a specialist, you must first see a doctor at a clinic who then refers you to a specialist. There are several clinics in Borås to choose from. Below is the contact information for some of them.


All incoming students to the University of Borås are covered by a health insurance either through the university, the Swedish social insurance or a European social insurance. These insurances does not provide a complete coverage and we recommend all student to make sure they have sufficient coverage. Below you can read more about different insurances and requirements.

A few alternatives on Swedish insurance companies offering property insurance are listed below:


Available banks

Kyrkängsgatan 8, tel: +46 (0)33-16 75 00

Allégatan 42, tel: +46 (0)771-22 44 88

Kyrkängsgatan 8, tel: +46 (0)33-348 40 20

Sparbanken Sjuhärad
Allégatan 55, tel: +46 (0)33-16 65 00