Message from President

Dear all,

BCB started its journey not long ago, but since its established we are here to uphold the cultural, literary, spiritual and charitable aspects of rich heritage of Bangladesh within ourselves and to our next generation.

As Bengalis, we are proud of our heritage and openly express it. Many individuals sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom of expression and language. Their valiant efforts will never be forgotten, for now, we can proudly identify ourselves as Bangladeshi.

It is our goal to unite our people and turn them from simply community, into family. With love and respect, we can build lasting, beautiful relationships with others. We must sow the seeds of love. Love should be our heart-felt language, and it must have power over everything. This is a belief I hold close to my heart. My board does not believe in exclusion, but in the inclusion of every single person. This belief must stretch from the individual and encompass the many.  It is my firm belief that we have created an inviting environment for everyone to participate.

Although BCB started its journey for cultural activities. Sooner or later, we will make an effort to help our community and beyond. We will stand by those who need help. We all should be able to provide support to people within and outside of the community. We want to set an example for the next generation, and to be able to hand this association over to them with pride and honor.

And finally, please consider becoming a member and/or donner. We need your support to continue producing these shows and helping our community thrive and blossom. Let your voice be heard by others. Please strive to attend our all events as you are doing since the beginning and actively engage us with new ideas and topics. This will help inspire the next generation of students and encourage them to continue this wonderful organization.

Thank you to everyone  for volunteering in our all past events and expecting your support in our all upcoming events, without you  this could not have been possible.


Best Regards,

Batan Biswas

President, 2019-2020

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