This page gives you information on how to open a bank account at the available banks in Borås.

Please observe that it is not always necessary for exchange students (especially from EU/EAA countries) to open a bank account in Sweden. Obtaining a Swedish bank account and debit card might be necessary for some students in order to be able to pay bills, for example your rent.

If you are staying in Sweden for more than one year and will receive a personal identity number (personnummer) you should think about opening a bank account as it will make everyday life easier for you. In that case, you can visit a bank of your choice in person once you have received your personal identity number.

In order to open an account at a Swedish bank, you should bring the following:

  • Passport
  • Residence permit (not required if you are an EU/EAA citizen)
  • Letter of admission or registration papers from the university (they should be stamped and signed by the University). The Student Reception can help you with this
  • Proof of your address (a copy of your lease or a receipt from an invoice)
  • Individual tax residency self-certification form (PDF)– for Sparbanken Sjuhärad only!
  • If you have registered for a Swedish personal identity number you should bring a recent copy (no more than 2 weeks old) of a “personbevis”. A personbevis is a paper showing your personal identity number. It can be acquired either by ordering one over the phone 020-567 000 (local number) or by visiting the local tax office (Skatteverket). Note that some banks require that you have a Swedish personal identity number in order to open an account or get access to online banking.

Available banks

Kyrkängsgatan 8, tel: +46 (0)33-16 75 00

Allégatan 42, tel: +46 (0)771-22 44 88

Kyrkängsgatan 8, tel: +46 (0)33-348 40 20

Sparbanken Sjuhärad
Allégatan 55, tel: +46 (0)33-16 65 00

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